Doucéa, enjoyable care for kids.

What if children now had the care that suits them?

Doucéa offers a line of innovative, effective and playful products for kids so that their skincare routine becomes enjoyable which helps them to develop their independence.

Designed by Natacha Tarascon, and co-created with 400 children, the Doucéa line combines effectiveness, simplicity and pleasure. To make the skincare routine a pleasant and irresistible moment!

Doucéa, the story of our kids-friendly brand

Graduated in pharmacy and with 18 years of professional experience in the dermo-cosmetic industry, Natacha Tarascon is also a mother of 3 children.

At home, skincare routines were complicated: her 6 years old daughter Elisa, has atopic skin. Although classic pharmaceuticals products were effective, Elisa was reluctant to apply them. That was until Natacha came up with the original idea of transferring the cream into a pretty pink and golden jar.
Elisa instantly loved it and adopted the skincare routine that became a real moment of pleasure. Based on her own experience, Natacha then created a new concept of care for children, both efficient and attractive: the idea of Doucéa was born.

How does Doucea manage to combine efficiency and pleasure?

Reliable and effective products 

>> Formulated with patented ingredients from natural origins, Doucéa products consist of a synergistic complex of
prebiotics that allows:

✓ protecting the skin microbiota
✓ promoting skin balance
✓ preserving the epidermal barrier
✓ facilitating absorption

In order to limit the risk of allergies, Doucéa relies on a minimalist formulation, adapted to each type of skin.

By and for children 

>> Co-created with their main users (children :-)), Doucéa products, in addition to being ergonomic, come in several designs. Packaging, colours, texture, fragrances: everything is is designed for children to have fun taking care of their skin, all by themselves!